Learn Mental Math Using the Abacus System with Abacus Brain Gym

Most advanced learning system to simplify the learning process and to achieve the result faster!


On-site class structure:

1. Explorer Class (For Beginners - Available all year long)

* 1.5 hours per lesson, once a week.....discounted rate $120/month, if paid upfront for one level

* Complete one level in 24 weeks in average.

2. Adventurer Class (For higher level students)

* 2 hours per lesson, once a week......$140/month

* Complete one level in 18 weeks-24 weeks in average

3. Spring Break and Summer Camps

*  One Week - Introductory Program.

*  Spring Break Camp (Morning or Afternoon Session)

*  Summer Camp (Half-day and Full-day Camps)

Space is limited. Reserve your space NOW!

Reserve your space and ENROLL ONLINE NOW  or enroll ON-SITE with the director at your location

For on-site registration, click the Registration Form and e-mail the completed form to the your local director's email address.

Redefine the journey of math experience with an effective curriculum that has been tested for almost a century by the Grand Master of Abacus in Asia with a high-speed listening method from Japan & Hi-Speed Abacus  Explorer software from USA

The ability to do math tied to high school graduation, future economic success, country global competitiveness to national security!

Abacus Brain Gym is about making connections that change children life from closing the gaps of

Innovation skill, technology advancement to income inequality.

We are passionate about children and we apply all our knowledge to build a strong foundation in children skills with

the 21st century tool kit rooted with ancient wisdom that we know how to assemble and we know children need to succeed.

Summer Camp Austin

Summer Camp Houston

Summer Camp San Antonio

Online Abacus Math Training

Online Classes Available Now!

For students located outside our learning centers.

We have teachers available  to meet your child once-a-week online, the structure is exactly the same as our on-site class, except at the comfort of your own home and without the long distance commute.

Please click here for Online Class enrollment!