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Certificate of Completion

Download Abacus Explorer software for earning certification by taking the test for each level! We will issue an E- Certificate to you with your submission of passing scores. You will be given a chance to practice for the test.

  1. View the E-Certificate here!

$99.50 /level                           


Hall of Fame Championship

Purchase any level of ABG’s software, get a free membership to ABG’s year-round championship.  Submit your completed homework every day and check the Hall of Fame page for motivation on homework discipline.  Check this out:   http://www.abacusbraingym.com/Abacus_Brain_Gym/Annual_Hall_of_Fame.php

$11.95/level.... FREE with the software purchase!


Abacus Explorer Software LICENSE

  1. Level 1- Level 10

  2. Each level sold separately

  3. Level 10 is the lowest level

  4. Level 1 is the highest level

  5. Each Level $79.95

  6. Buy 10 levels together for $495 (for personal use)

  7. Buy 10 levels together for $2,995 (for commercial use, apply the software application to enhance teaching and learning experience in your classroom, license for 5 years)

$79.95/level... $59.95/level ( software license is good for a year and can be extended with an additional fee)


ABACUS ACE Video Turotial

  1. Video Tutorial for Beginner Level.  Available through download!

  2. Watch the Welcome Message here!

$69.95/level... $49.95



  1. Fostering Little Minds to the Ultimate Brain Power.  Beginner Level.  Available through download!

$19.95/Vol.1.. $9.95

$19.95/Vol.2.. $9.95


Redefine the Journey of Math Experience..........


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