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Hall of fame rules and regulations

Ticket rewards

1 ticket  = 4 homework


20 tickets

Champion of the Day              

100 tickets

Champion of the Week

200 tickets

Champion of the Month

Above & Beyond Trophies for the Top 3 Champion of the Year

To redeem your tickets, print the name shown on the BEST CHAMPION box and show it to your teacher in the next class!

  1. Dear Parents and Students, 

  2. Thank you for participating in the Abacus Brain Gym’s Hall of Fame, we are excited to welcome you in the tournament.  We are honored to have the opportunity to observe our champions in progress!  Please read the following rules carefully, and if you decide to opt out on your child participation in the Hall of Fame, please send an email to: Abacus Brain Gym Support Team.

  3. 1.Students have to submit their completed homework score to participate in the Hall of Fame  Tournament.  A completed homework means  the score of all 10 questions in each file recorded successfully in the submission chart.

  1. 2.All homework counted on Hall of fame are based on the time/date when the homewok was completed by students. For example, if a student completed homework A on 01/01/2013, and submitted that homework on 01/02/2013. On 01/02/2013:

  2. The Daily Hall of Fame will not show the result on homework A since homework A was completed the day before. (01/01/2013).

  3. The Weekly Hall of Fame will show the result of homework A since homework A is completed within the week (12/31/2012 - 01/06/2013..Monday to Sunday).

  4. The Monthly Hall of Fame will show the result of homework A since homework A is completed within the month (01/01/2013 - 01/31/2013).

  5. The Annual Hall of Fame will show the result of homework A since homework A is completed within the year (01/01/2013 - 12/31/2013).

  6. 3.Hall of Fame treats each homework on a specific mode (Reading Flash, Reading Paper Mode, and Listening) as a separate unique homework. For an example, if a student completed homework A on Reading Flash, Reading Paper Mode, and Listening Mode, Hall of Fame will show 3 counts on homework A for that student.

  7. 4.For each homework on specific mode, Abacus Explorer (AE) only adds a count in the following case if the students complete the homework (do all 10 questions):

  8. If the homework is completed for the very first time.

  9. If the homework score is higher than the one recorded previously.

  10. 5.The Hall of Fame keeps track on each homework when that homework was counted on the daily, weekly, monthly, and annual Hall of Fame pages. So, a homework that had been counted in the previous Hall of Fame periods won’t be counted again for the current period.  For an example, say a student completed homework A on 01/01/2013 for the very first time with a score of 70. AE added 1 count to homework A. The student submitted homework A to the server. The daily Hall of Fame will show “1” count for the homework A for that student.  If on the next day, 01/02/2013, the student completed homework A again with a higher score, say 80. AE will add “1” more to homework A’s count, so now homework A has a count of 2. The student submitted homework A to the server on 01/02/2013, the daily Hall of Fame on 01/02/2013 only showed 1 count for homework A because 1 of the 2 had been counted on the previous day, 01/01/2013.  Same logic applies to the weekly, monthly, and annual Hall of Fame.

  11. 6.Students are ranked with the most homework completed for the period (daily, weekly, monthly, and annual). In other words, students with more homework completed rank higher than students with less homework completed. If more than 1 students completed the same number of homework during the period, the students with higher score are ranked higher than the students with lower score.

  12. 7.The period of the Hall of Fame pages as follows (Time is based on USA Central Time):

  13. Daily: From 12:00:00 AM to 11:59:59 PM.

  14. Weekly: From Monday 12:00:00 AM to Sunday 11:59:59 PM.

  15. Monthly: From 1st day of the month at 12:00:00AM to the last day of the month at 11:59:59 PM.

  16. Annual : From January 1st at 12:00:00 AM to December 31st at 11:59:59 PM.

  17. 8.To be fair to all hardworking and honest students, we will disqualify and remove any student from the Hall of Fame pages if a student is caught cheating. AE has many proprietary tools to help us catch cheating students.  We are working on the best interest of our students and we will protect those who are honest on their work.  Here are just some examples on how some students tried to cheat in the past:

  1. In order to get more counts, students redo the same homework multiple times right away to get a better speed and better score by copying the correct answers from the previous attempts.

  2. Do the homework the first time without any effort on purpose so the program will show the correct answers and then type in the answers for the second effort to get 2 or more counts.

  3. Not following abacus learning concept to complete the homework, using the regular math method to solve the questions, at the end, parents and teachers will observe students are not capable of doing abacus mental calculation.

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EXTRA reward
CASH $$$

Annual Champions

  1st = $200

2nd = $100

3rd = $50