If having the ultimate brain power  & solid mental math skills

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Smart parents choose Abacus Math as a required mental activity for the development of

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The abacus has been a tool of choice for math calculation in Asian countries for hundreds of years.  It has survived the test of time because it works.  It works even more so as a tool which develops and enhances the brain.  Believe it or not, it is faster than using a calculator, and it changes the brain in ways that regular classrooms and instruction methods can only dream of.

While other students toil with tedious math calculations on paper,  Abacus Brain Gym students are mentally calculating and finishing homework, tests, and assignments earlier and with more accuracy.  Not to mention reading skills improve as well.  Abacus mental math training has the longest records of success for early math mastery that leads to a sustained positive attitude and a greater level of self-confidence throughout life.  It is also easy to learn, cost effective, and research proves it enhances many different areas of the brain.  Follow along on our site as we walk you through the how and why of Abacus Brain Gym training.